Computer network security previous year paper

B.C.A. Examination, 2016
(Sixth Semester) / First Paper
(Computer Network Security)

  1. (a) Discuss various kinds of attacks?
    (b) With a neat diagram, explain a model for network security?
  2. (a) What are the requirements for message authentication?
    (b) Explain PGP? Why should some encrypt e-mail?
  3. (a) Assume a client C want to communicate with a server S using Kerberos protocol, how can it be
    (b) Explain authentication header?
  4. (a) What is SNMP? How does it work, explain?
    (b) Explain secure- Electronic transactions? Explain various Key requirements need for secure
    electronic transactions?
  5. What is a firewall, explain the various types of firewall configurations with relevant diagram?
  6. Explain followings :
    a) Intruders
    b) Viruses
    c) SNMPV3
  7. (a) What are the properties a digital signature should have?
    (b) Explain classical Encryption techniques in detail?
  8. Write short notes (any three) :
    (i) Public Key Crypto system
    (ii) S/Mime
    (iii) Configuration Management
    (iv) Secure Socket Layer
    (v) X.509