DBMS 0ld year question papers

B.C.A.Examination,2020 Fifth Semester

(Introduction to DBMS)
Time:Three Hours
Maximum Marks:75
Note:Attempt any five questions.All questions carry equal marks.
Note:The answers to short questions shouldnot exceed 200 words and the answers to long questions should not exceed 500

1.What is DBMS architecture?Write the char-acteristics of database approach. 15

  1. What do you mean by the ER model?Ex-plain with examples the notations used.15

3.Write difference between Constraints and Schema.Give the name of five applications
that are used in database and why?Give reason.15
4.What is the use of relational constraints and relational algebra in the relational data model?
Explain with example.15
5.Write 5 Qucries which are used in SQL with example.What is the use of SQL in RDBMS.15
6.What is Normalization?Explain 3NF,4NF and 5NF.15
7.What is the role of locking technique and da-tabase recovery?Describe with example.

8.What is Transaction Processing? Discuss about OLTP and OLAP.15
9.Write short notes on any three:5+5+5
(b)Time stamp ordering protocol
(c)Commit and Roll back command
(d)Two phase locking