E-commerce previous year paper

B.C.A. Examination, 2016
Sixth Semester / Third Paper

Time : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 75
Note : Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.
Note : The answers to short questions should not exceed 200 words and the answers to long question should not exceed 500 words.

  1. (a) Why is E-commerce important in present pursuit of business? How does it function? (8)
    (b) Describe different types of e-business and explain various environmental elements of a business firm. (7)
  2. (a) Describe the supply chain concept in e-commerce. (8)
    (b) Explain major issues in E-commerce implementation and E-commerce evaluation. (7)
  3. (a) Explain the main characteristic of B2B E-commerce. (7)
    (b) How do we make procurement management using the Buyers Internet market place? (8)
  4. (a) Mention the role of software agents for B2B E-commerce. How do we make electronic
    marketing in B2B. (8)
    (b) Explain the managerial issues in B2B E-commerce. (7)
  5. (a) Differentiate between narrow-band and broadband networks. Describe the use of broad band networks in E-commerce. (8)
    (b) Explain the architecture of internet. How it is different from intranet? Explain the application of Extranets. (7)
  6. (a) Define electronic payment system. Discuss various activities which take place in the digital token based electronic payment system. (8)
    (b) What are the salient features of E-cash Mention the managerial issues of E-payment system. (7)
  7. (a) Mention the major legal issues in E-commerce. (8)
    (b) Explain the taxation and encryption policies in E-commerce. (7)
  8. (a) The Client-Server model is the backbone of the E-commerce applications. Are there any security threats to it? If any, discuss. 8
    (b) Explain the consumer and seller protection in E-commerce. (7)