Software engeering previous year paper

mgkvp semester examination 2016

software Engineering

Time : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 75
Note: Attempt any five Questions. All questions carry equal marks.
Note The answers to short questions should not exceed 200 words and the answers to long question
should not exceed 500 words.

  1. Discuss clearly, the different phases in the software development process. Explain how the
    total effort is distributed over the different phases. (15)
  2. What is the need for formulating a quality SRS? Discuss in detail. What are the basic issues
    that a SRS must address? (15)
  3. Draw the labelled DFD and specify the data dictionary for any practical system, Explain the
    working of the system in detail, on the basis of the Data Flow Diagram. (15)
  4. What do you mean by function oriented Design? Discuss the Top- down and Bottom-up
    modular design approach. (15)
  5. Write short notes on : (5+5+5)
    (a) Structured Design approach
    (b) Coupling and cohesion
    (c) Object Oriented Design
  6. State the relationship between Design and Implementation. What are the core activities and
    issues to be considered during the Implementation phase? (15)
  7. What are CASE methodologies? Comment on their advantages and disadvantages. (15)
  8. Explain with examples the process of software configuration management. (15)
  9. What do you understand by the process of maintenance of software? State the reasons behind
    maintenance activity. State and discuss the different types of maintenance.

BCA Fourth Semester

Examination 2018

Third paper

Software engineering

Note : Attempt any five question.All question carry equal marks.

  1. Define the term “software Engineering”.  What are the phases in the development of properly engineered software?discuss it with generic point of view 15

2. (a) Explain how the development of system scope is carried out in the Software Engineering Requirments Analysis phase.                  8

(b) How can we allocate top level process and entities to their Physical elements?Explain with an example.                                                                         7

3 . Write an explanatory note on:                                                               7 1\2*2

(a) Creating the SRS Document

(b) Object Oriented Design Paradigm

4. Discuss with examples the different issues concerned with the following: 7+8

(a) Design principle for input and output document

(b) Designs of modules and interfaces.

5 . (a) What are the qualities of a Well-designed code? Discuss.        7

(b) Differentiate between function oriented design and object oriented design    8                                                                                               

6 . Explain the need for maintenance of software? What are the Different types of software maintenance?What are the points to be considered at the Design phase in order to ensure maintainability?                  15

7. Describe the steps in implementation of the new Software system. How can the programming support environment be developed in order to ensure consistency in implementation and changeover?                                15

8. Write short notes on :                                                                   5+5+5

  • Data Flow Diagram
  • Waterfall Model
  • Software Quality  

9. Explain With Examples:                                                                            5+5+5

(a) Configuration Management

(b) CASE Tools

(c) Coupling and Cohesion.

BCA Fourth Semester

Examination 2019

Software engineering

Note: Attempt any five question. All question carry equal marks.

  1. (a) What do you understand by term: legacy software? How does Software Engineering play a role in the development of quality software?                                                                           5+10

(b) What are the different software development models? Explain anyone of them in detail along with its advantage over other models.

2 . (a) What do you understand by the terms: ‘Process’ and ‘Entity’. What is a software process model? Explain with diagram.            5+5+5

(b) What is meant by software Components? What are the uses of software components?

(c) Distinguish between the functional and non-functional requirements of a system.

3 . Write short notes on:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Requirements validation
  • SRS Document

4. (a) Explain the utility and structure of the data dictionary in software documentation.                                                              5+5+5

(b) What do you understand by Data flow model? Discuss its merit and demerits.

(c) Draw the DFD for any practical, real life system and explain it.

5. (a) Why is Design important in software engineering? Explain the uses of software blue print methodology.                         7+8

(b) Discuss:

(i) Analysis the Design steps

(ii) Quality attributes and their guidelines

6. (a) Explain the process of factoring and integration in modular software design.                                                         5+5+5

(b) What do you understand by: Top Down design, Bottom-Up Design?

(c) Explain the different issues involved in user interface design.

7. (a) Compare the processes of software verification and validation.

(b) Write explanatory notes on :

(i) Integration Testing

(ii) Unit Testing

8. (i) Define the following terms with examples:                             12+3

  1. Software Matrices
  2. Regression Testing
  3. CASE tools    

   (ii) What arte the desirable qualities of a ‘good’ coding style? Explain.

9. (a) Describe the Maintenance strategies for professionally developed software. Which strategy should be used under which precondition?Discuss.                                                               10+5

(b) What do you understand by Software Configuration Management?