Information system previous year paper

B.C.A. Examination, 2016
Sixth Semester / Second Paper
(Information Systems : Analysis, Design and Implementation)

Time : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 75
Note : Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.
Note : The answers to short questions should not exceed 200 words and the answers to long questions should not exceed 500 words.

  1. Draw a detailed block diagram of the different phases in the Systems Development Life Cycle. Explain the documentation that is produced at each phase. Why do we ensure the activities such as maintenance and review of software systems. (15)
  2. Write short notes on : (5+5+5)
    (a) Logical Design
    (b) Physical Design
    (c) Implementation of Information System.
  3. What do you understand by a logical Data Flow Diagram? What purpose is served by it? Draw the DFD for a simple service based organization such as a restaurant. (15)
  4. Explain the purpose and components of “Feasibility Study”. What are the different types of feasibility study needed for the Information System? Explain each one in brief. (15)
  5. Explain with examples : (5+ 5+ 5)
    (a) Code Design
    (b) Input Form Design
    (c) Design of Printed Output
  6. Describe the role of CASE Tools for design and development of software information systems.(15)
  7. Explain with examples : (5+5+5)
    (a) File Design
    (b) Database Design
    (c) Prototyping
  8. What is Object Modelling? Explain Functional Object Oriented Design for Information System Development. What are the advantages of this approach? (15)
  9. What are the methods used for measurement of software quality and productivity? Discuss the methods for evaluating the software size and cost. (15)