java programming & dynamic webpage design paper

B.C.A (Fifth Semester) Examination, 20220
(Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design)

1.What do you mean by Data types and Wrapper Class? Explain the various primitive data types supported in Java. 15
2. Write a program in Java to implement Button and label 15
3. What is String in Java? Explain the different ways to create a String object. 15
4.What do you mean by event handling? Explain with suitable example. 15
5.Write short notes on:- 15
(a) Listeners
(b) Inheritance
(c) Thread
6.What is HTML? Explain its use. Also, explain the structure of a HTML document. 15
7.What is a socket? Explain TCP/IP basedserver socket. 15
8.Explain the servelet lifecycle. 15
9.What is JSP? What are the advantages of JSP? How do you call stored procedures from jSp?

YEAR – 2021

B.C.A. (Fifth Semester) Examination, 2021
Second Paper (Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design)
Time: Three Hours marks : 75

1.(a) What are the features of Java Language? (b) What is platform independence?
(c) What are the different types of comment symbols in Java?
2.(a) Why is main method assigned as Public?
(b)What is inheritance?
(c)What is vector? How is it different from array 3. (a)Discuss in detail the access specifiers available in Java.
(b) What is an applet program? What are Listeners?
4.(a) Write a Java Program to check whether the inputted year is a Leap Year?
(b) Write a Java program to check whether the inputted string is a Palindrome? 5.. Write a Java Program to check whether input character IS vowel or consonant. 7
(b) Write a Java program to break integer into digits.
6. Write short notes on the following:-
(a) Multithreaded programming (b) Layout Manager
(c)Event Handling
7. Write an HTML code that uses frames, text formatting and meta tags. Explain the tags used in the code. 15
8. (a) What is HTTP?
(b) What is a Session? How do we track session?
(c) Give code for establishing database connectivity in JSP. 9.(a) What is JDBC? Explain the Servelet life cycle.
(b)What is HTML? Explain any five HTML tags with syntax and example.

YEAR – 2020

Fifth Semester / Second Paper
(Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design)

1. Answer briefly with examples : 5+5+5
(a) Data types in JAVA (b) String variables and operations upon them
(c) Exception Handling
2. Write a program in JAVA to 5+5+5
(a) Add two binary numbers and to print out the sum.
(b) To check whether the input character is a vowel or a constant.
(C)To sort a given set of strings in Alphabetical order.
3. (a) What do you mean by JAVA Applet? Explain the life cycle of Applet. 5+5+5
(b). What are the sequence of events when an applet is loaded?
(c) What is the difference between an Applet and a JAVA application? 4.Write short notes on : 5+5+5
(a) Types of Applets in JAVA
(b) Applet Skeleton in JAVA
(c) Steps in creating an executable Applet
5. Write a program in JAVA to perform bubble sort on a list of N numbers (integers) where the value of N and the list of numbers is to be accented at runtime 15
6.(a) Write a program in JAVA to check if a number is a perfect square. 5+5+5
(b) Write a program in JAVA to check whether a number is positive or negative.
(c)Write a program in JAVA to display allthe prime numbers from 1 to 100.
7. Write the HTML code for creating the nome page of your college / department website Also explain the function of the different tags used by you and list the display screen that should be produced. 15
8.(a) What do vou understand by a JAVA servelet? Explain its applications. 5+5+5
(b) What do you mean by Servelet lifecycle? Sketch the lifecycle of servelet. Also list its interfaces and classes.
(c) Differentiate between JAVA servelet and JSP.
9. Write explanatory notes on : 5+5+5
(a) Generating dynamic content through JAVA servelet.
(b) File formats and image formats supported by HTML.
(c) TCP/19 based server socket.

YEAR – 2019

B.C.A. Examination, 2019
Fifth Semester/Second Paper
(Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design)

1.(a) Difference between class and object
(b)Difference between constructor and destructor. (c) Difference between JVM and Bytecode
(d) Difference between unit and start method
(e) Difference between applet class and HTML 2. (a) Write a program in JAVA to swap two integers without using third variable
(b) What is meant by copy constructor? Explain the use of copy constructor with suitable example 3.(i) Explain JAVA ciass structure. Discuss the concept of polymorphism in JAVA. 7+8=15
(ii) Write the main features of the JAVA AWT package.
4.(i) Define Applet in JAVA. (ii) What is the role of AWT in Applet Execution. (iii) Describe the life cycle of an applet with the help of an appropriate flowchart. 5.(a) Write the attributes of an applet. Illustrate it with an example. 5+7+3=15
(b) Write the HTML format and tags required for creating an Applet. Give an example for it by writing an applet which performs an active function.
(c) What are the limitations of an Applet? 6.(a) With the help of schematic diagram, illustrate the structure of a JAVA servelet.
(b) illustrate the servelet life cycle and list the steps involved.
(c) How is session tracking carried out? explain. 7. Explain the following: 7½×2=15
(a) Generation of dynamic content using JSP.
(b) Use of standard library in JSP
8. Write explanatory note on: 7½×2=15
(a) Event Handling in JAVA
(b) JDBC

YEAR – 2018

B.C.A. Examination, 2018 Fifth Semester / Second Paper
(Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design)

  1. Describe JAVA primitive types and reference types. what are the different type of operators in JAVA.
  2. (a) Explain JAVA AWT package class hierarchy.
    (b) What is ‘main’ method? Differentiate between server side scripting and client side scripting. 5
    (c) How are strings Saved in memory? Explain with examples. 5
  3. (a) Write a program in JAVA to test whether the given string is a palindrome or not. 5
    (b) Explain various looping constructs in JAVA with examples.
    (c) What is method overloading? Give suitable examples to explain it. 5
  4. Write short notes on :
    (a) Abstract classes (b) ActiveX controls (c) Inheritance
  5. (a) Write a program in JAVA that prints the reverse of a given string. 5
    (b) What are the components of the JAVA class library package? 5
    (c) Why is JAVA known as a machine independent language? 5
  6. (a) What is a string buffer? How does it differ from a string? Give three ways for creating a string object. 5
    (b) Explain how JAVA reads a HTTP request and creates a HTTP response. 5
    (c)What is the difference between overloading and overwriting methods in JAVA? Explain with appropriate code example segments. 5
  7. (a) What is an applet and where is it deployed? Explain giving examples. 5
    (b) What are server side dynamic WebPages? How can we establish HTTP connection using active server pages ?
    (c) Can we use pointers in JAVA? Give reasons in support of your answer.
  8. Write short notes on : 5+5+5
    (a) HTML Tags (b) Linking image to a webpage (c) Use of Framesets

YEAR – 2017

B.C.A. Examination, 2017
Fifth Semester / Second Paper
(Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design)

1. (a) What is ‘byte code’ in Java? How it is related to Java Virtual Machine? 5 (b) Describe the mathematical operators used in Java. 5 (c) Write a program in Java to demonstrate the use of arrays. 5 2. (a) What is ‘class’ in java? How it is different with ‘object’? 5 (b) What is Inheritance? Describe the types of Inheritance. 5 (c) What is multithreading programming? How it helps to improve the processing time? 5 3. (a) What is Java Applet? How it is different from Java Application program? 5 (b) Why applet is considered a secure program? 5 (c) Describe the Applet Life Cycle. 5 4. (a) What is AWT control? Describe the function of Button and label in applet. 5 (b) What is layout manager? How does it work? 5 (c) Describe any three string functions in Java. 5 5. (a) What is datagram socket? How it is different with TCP/IP based server socket? Explain with an example. 7½ (b) Explain how one can establish a connection between a Java Program and a database using JDBC? 7½ 6. (a) What is HTML? Explain text styling features in HTML? 5 (b) Explain how we can link an image in webpage. 2+1 (c) What is <FRAMESET> ? Write a frame set that divides the webpage in three vertical columns? How to add contents in frames? 7 7. (a) What is HTTP servlet? Explain servlets life cycle. 7½ (b) Explain session tracking in Java Servlets. 7½ 8. (a) What do you understand by “Java Server Pages”? Explain the data types used in JSP. 7½ (b) Explain custom tag libraries in Java Server Pages. 7½