Unit- 5: Drafting of business letter


Inquiry letter is a kind of letter of request or a request for information about a product, service, jobs or other business information. A letter of request, also known as a letter or letters of interesting candidates, will be sent to the companies. Letter of request is a letter from a prospective buyer to the seller requesting information about the products offered. With the offer of the seller will potential buyers will know the price, and the sale and purchase, and a description of the goods or services to be purchased. This is the purpose of the prospective buyer a written request to the seller.

Inquiries and replies these letters which ask or answer question are usually brief and present no special difficulty. It consists of four steps:

  1. State carefully the circumstances which necessitate the inquiry.
  2. State any facts needed by the reader in making a complete reply.
  3. Ask for the information, or state the questions.
  4. Express gratitude for the favor requested.

Note: it is customary to inclose postage for a reply; a note of thanks shouls follow a letter of this sort.

When a prospective buyer has to know the condition of the goods / services following the price and terms of sale and purchase, of course he did not need to ask for a quote from the seller. Letter of inquiry required in formal trade demand formal procedures in writing. Letter of inquiry is often an early stage of the business transactions. Through a letter of inquiry to ask a potential buyer or to request information about the goods or services to be purchased. In reaction, the seller explained the things he wanted to know the buyer, the buyer did finally order and business transactions as the top buying and selling process.

In the letter of demand for the goods usually offer prospective buyers ask:

  1. Name and type of product
  2. Special characteristics (specifications) of product, namely, the type, size, quality, capacity and others;
  3. Unit price.
  4. Pieces;
  5. Method of payment;
  6. Means of delivery, and
  7. Ease that may be obtained by the buyer, such as guarantees and other

In addition to the above mentioned potential buyers asking price lists and catalogs (if the items varied) and a technical description of the goods in the form of leaflets or brochures. For items that allow, prospective buyers can also request a sample of goods actually sent.

By letter of demand and supply of services, prospective buyers can ask:

  1. The form of services that can be presented by the seller;
  2. Equipment used by the seller as a support (if any);
  3. Price;
  4. Pieces and
  5. Method of payment;

In demand service offerings, potential buyers can also request a price list (according to the level of services to be provided). Usually all been included in the prospectus which has been prepared by the company selling services.

Inquiry should not only be submitted to one seller, but to some sellers. This step was taken so that the price list and the information collected will be compared with each other to determine which one best suit your desires and financial ability of prospective buyers.

The reply of inquiry letters should do the following things:

  1. Acknowledge the inquiry, or state the circumstances necessitating the reply.
  2. Answer the questions fully
  3. Build goodwill and pave the way for further contact.

Note : in handling replies, the writer should be prompt and systematic. If the material is not immediately available, the inquiry should be acknowledge and a date set for the final reply.

example of inquiry:

& CO

Jln.Kapten Muslim No.20


15 february 2013

Distro cloud Corporation
Pasundan  Raya Street, No. 15
Jakarta 1240

Dear Sirs,

We are a boutique located in Bekasi , and we were interested in your distro cloud shirt medium size product. Therefore, we will appreciate it if you can send us a very detailed explanation of the product complete with your catalogues, price list, term, sample of design, and payment.

We would also to know if you are offering any trade discounts. If you can quote us your

favorable prices, we would like to place our order as soon as possible.

We are looking foward to hearing from you.soon.
Yours faithfully,
Ahmad Fahri

Purchase Manager

Reply of inquiry letter

Distro cloud Corporation

Pasundan  Raya Street, No. 15

Jakarta 1240

16 january 2013


Jln.Kapten Muslim No.20


Dear Mr Ahmad Fahri
We thanks you for your inquiry about our Distro cloud shirts product.
We are enclosing our catalogue together with prices and terms, for your review and are confident that this catalogue will provide many of
the answers you have inquired.
We are also pleased to inform you that we will allow you a 10% discount on order of 60 pieces.
We hope you will find our prices and terms satisfactory and expecting your order as soon as possible.
If there is additional information you would like to know regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be most happy to be of assistance.

Yours faithfully,
For Distro cloud Corporation

Ismail Marzuki
Sales Manager

From the example above letter, it can be seen that parts of the inquiry letter is

  • Masthead (header)
    Listed address,if an agency / company, at the head of the letter can also use the letterhead of the company / institution where you work and simply writethe destination address of the company.
  • Letter dated (date);Examples of the above letter: 15 february 2013
  • Opener (openning)

Opener always begins with a greeting. In a letter opening depends formal /formal.

Order Letter Sample

Order letter is written to a company for official product or service requirement. It has great number of use in every type of business. So we provide here some order letter sample as well as order confirmation letter sample with execution letter sample.

Color World wish to place an order with National Paints Co. Ltd. for various paints. Prepare an order using imaginary terms and conditions. (Letter of order)

Order Letter Sample

Color World
15; New Market, Dhaka-1200

1st September 2012

Sales Division
National Paints Co. Ltd.
20, Tongi,Gajipur.

Sub: Order for various paints.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your quotation and the price list. We are glad to place our first order with you for the following items:SL. No:DescriptionQuantityWeightUnit priceAmount (Tk.)1 Enamels paint25 Tins100 1bs100025.000 2Synthetic paint20 Tins2001bs200040.0003White paint10 Tinsl0 lbs5005.000 70,000

Since the above goods are required immediately as our stock is about to exhaust very soon. We request you to send the goods through your “Motor” van as the carriage inward is supposed to be borne by you.

We shall arrange payment within ten (10) days to comply with 5/10, Net 30 terms. Please send all commercial and financial documents along, with goods. We reserve the right to reject the goods if received late.

Yours faithfully,

Mohammed Tareq
Purchase Manager,
Color world

Reply to Order Letter Sample

Star Trading co. Ltd
Station Road, Chittagong

10th March, 2012

Purchase Manager
12, Bijoy Sharani, Tejgaon, Dhaka

Dear sir,

We are pleased to inform you that we have dispatched your Ordered 500 TV sets as per your specification. Those TV sets have been manufactured with best technology and delivered through Karnaphuli express Train having special packaging. We hope our product will meet your satisfaction.

As the credit terms are 2/20, net 40, we will appreciate proper remittance from you. For your convenience, we have sent Invoice and Railway Receipt (RR) through standard chartered Bank, station Road Branch, Chittagong. You can receive’ such documents from Standard Chartered Bank, Head office, Dhaka

 We thank you for this order and hope to be benefited with your further order-in consideration of the quality of our product, please confirm the arrival of goods sharply.

We assure you of our best services and co- operation at all times.

Yours faithfully,

Probir Roy
Sales Manager
Star Trading co Ltd.

Complaint Letter

How many times has it happened that you bought a product and it turned out to be defective? How many times did you avail a public service and were left dissatisfied? Or, did you ever notice any problematic practice taking place at a public place? What do you do in such situations? Most of the times, we do not take any action in such situations because of which the problem doesn’t get the attention it deserves and hence, negligence increases.

Sample Complaint Letter Template

Your Address
Your City, State, ZIP Code

(Your email address, if sending via email)


Name of Contact Person (if available)
Title (if available)
Company Name
Consumer Complaint Division (if you have no specific contact)
Street Address
City, State, ZIP Code

Dear Contact Person or Organization Name):

Re: (account number, if applicable)

On (date), I (bought, leased, rented, or had repaired) a (name of the product, with serial or model number, or service performed) at (location and other important details of the transaction).

Unfortunately, your (product or service) has not performed well (or the service was inadequate) because (state the problem). I am disappointed because (explain the problem: for example, the product does not work properly; the service was not performed correctly; I was billed the wrong amount; something was not disclosed clearly or was misrepresented; etc.).

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate your (state the specific action you want: money refunded, charge card credit, repair, exchange, etc.). Enclosed are copies (do not send originals) of my records (include receipts, guarantees, warranties, canceled checks, contracts, model and serial numbers, and any other documents).

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and will wait until (set a time limit) before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at (home and/or office numbers with area code).


Your name


Follow-up Letter

A follow-up letter is an important form of communication in a range of situations. After a job interview, or a great business meeting, or even after making a good business contact at a trade show, a follow-up letter is an effective means of consolidating a relationship between you and the intended recipient. It provides a platform for continued communication, and also to accent certain points discussed at the previous meeting. A well written follow-up letter, free of English grammar and spelling errors, can make all the difference to your success.

Let’s consider some tips to help you write a better follow-up letter in any situation:

  1.      Use a follow-up letter to re-iterate your attributes, and the positive dimensions of a new relationship for each party. If you are representing your business, you can make a short sales pitch. If you are applying for a job, remind the potential employer of your key skills.
  2.      Don’t cover old ground: offer new insights to add to your appeal.
  3.      Make sure your follow-up letter is sent within 2 days of the meeting or interview; this will help keep things fresh, and promote continuity between your performance at the interview and your letter.
  4.      In your follow up letter, indicate how you want to proceed from this point.
  5.      Do not convey any negative sentiments in your follow-up letter.

Sales Follow-Up Letter

A sales follow-up letter is a way of extending additional customer service to the clients of the business. A basic sales follow-up letter includes the following details:

  • The date and time that the sales purchase has been made.
  • The items that the client has purchased.
  • The details of the transaction and the options on how the company can be of help should there be concerns that may arise from the purchase.
  • A message of appreciation for the trust that the client has given to the company.

Circular Letter


Generally, the letter that is used to circulate any special message to a huge member of audiences at the some time is known as circular letter. it is one of the cost effective means of circulating information or introducing new products to mass people. however, circular letters are not only used in business but also in social, political and personal affairs.

Features of Circular Letter in Business Communication

A letter that circulates or announces the same information or message to a large number of people at a time is called a circular letter or a circular. Launching new business, changing business premises, changing the name of business, admission or retirement of any partner or director, trademark notice etc. are communicated with people through circular letter. An effective circular letter has some unique characteristics which are discussed bellow-

  • Wide Circulation: The most important feature of circular letter is that it circulates the message to a large number of audiences at a time. It is in fact a mass communication method. No other communication method enjoys this advantage.
  • Drafting Method: Drafting a circular letter follows certain method and style. the art of writing circular letter varies depending on the situations. it is written in simple language so that most of the people understand the information it contains.
  • Attractiveness: Another important feature of circular letter is that it is always furnished in an attractive way to that it can easily gain the attention of people information is arranged here in distinct manner.
  • Conciseness: A circular letter is always concise but complete. It expresses the message briefly and precisely. There is no scope of including any unnecessary information in a circular letter.
  • Reader’s Interest: Another feature of circular letter is that it always focuses on readers interests. It explains how the readers will be benefited from the message.
  • Authenticity and Reliability: Offering authentic and reliable information is another characteristic of circular letter. It never pushes fake or irresponsible information to the public. authenticity of information increases the reliability of the message.
  • Courtesy: Courtesy is an essential principle of every business letter and circular letter is not an exception. The information is put here in courteous way so that people feel good to read it.
  • Universality: Circular letter is open to the people of all age groups. So, the message, language and format of circular letter should be acceptable and comprehensive to all.
  • Relevancy: A circular letter includes only relevant information and excludes all irrelevant or unnecessary information.
  • Asking for Action: Every circular letter calls for certain action from the readers. After reading the message in the circular letter the readers should be intended to do specific job like purchasing the product or telling the news to others and so on.
  • Specific Purpose: A circular letter is written for a specific purpose. It is not written to attain several objectives at a time.
  • Persuasiveness: Persuasiveness is also a feature of circular letter. since circular letter is written for specific objective, persuasive and convincing language should be used to motivate the readers to go for certain action.
  • Special Structure: Circular letter has special structure. It takes the form of letter but contains something more than a letter.

Application for employment

An application for employment is a standard business document which is prepared with questions deemed relevant by an employer in order for the employer to determine the best candidate to be given the responsibility of fulfilling the work needs of the company. Most companies provide such forms to anyone upon request at which point it becomes the responsibility of the applicant to complete the form and returning it to the employer at will for consideration. The completed and returned document notifies the company of the applicants availability and desire to be employed and their qualifications and background so a determination can be made as to which candidate should be hired.

A job application letter dated January 1, 


  • A resume is typically sent with a cover letter, which is a document that provides additional information on your skills and experience in letter form.

chronological resume format:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Resume Summary
  3. Professional Title
  4. Work Experience (bulk of content)
  5. Skills
  6. Education
  7. Additional sections
best resume format